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Broken Age walkthrough

Broken Age walkthrough


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for Broken Age.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.


Act 1 - Vella
Sugar Bunting

- You are sleeping under a tree.
- Click anywhere to wake up.
- Walk left and then down into the village.
- Enter the small white cottage.
- Do any interaction inside the cottage to start the party.

- A ceremony is about to start but a ceremonial knife is missing.
- Pick up a towel in front of the screen.
- There are cupcakes under the towel, pick one up.
- Walk over to grandpa in the right side of the room.
- Give cupcake to grandpa, and in the dialogue that follows choose "Split it with you?".
- Grandpa cuts the cupcake in half and leaves the knife on the windowsill. Pick up the knife.
- Give the ceremonial knife to mom.

- The Maidens Feast is beginning, and you need to find a way to escape.
- Talk to the other maidens first, and after a while Mog Chothra appears.
- Talk to the girl on the right side about the bottle of water, you will make a brief change of items but will soon change back.
- Talk to the girl on the right side again about the water bottle, and this time you will get the bottle for keeps.
- Give the bottle to the girl on the left side.
- She will get all wet from the water and needs something to fix her appearance.
- Give the towel to the girl on the left side. She will throw a drumstick to you, but it gets stuck in the cake.
- A bird comes to the drumstick, that's your way out of here.
- Use the corset on the bird.
- Use the knife to cut the dress.


- The bird flys you to a weird cloud city and you land in a bird nest that has a golden egg.
- Talk to the cloud shoemaker on the right side of the screen. She will drop her knife.
- Follow the path that leads to the next screen on the right.
- Talk to the girl and keep talking until you get a conversation option to ask to borrow her ladder. Choose that option when available, and you will get her ladder.
- There is an elevated bird nest behind the girl. Use the ladder to climb up there, and you can pick up the knife that you lost before.
- Return to the cloud shoemaker and giver her the knife. She will give you a pair of cloud shoes in return.

- Next go to lower right where the fixed ladder are leading to a lower path. Walk right and down to enter another area.
- Talk to the maiden who was not selected as a sacrifice about her outfit to get a small pair of cloud shoes.
- Use these cloud shoes on yourself. This is needed a bit later to be able to carry heavy items.
- Return to the previous, central area.

- Go back to the elevated bird nest where you first landed (which had the golden egg).
- Use the ladder to get on the same level as the bird nest is.
- Walk to the left and enter an area that has a fruit-bearing tree.
- Walk to the far left of the tree and shake tree to get some fruit drop.
- Next walk right next to the tree and drop down from the opening that has light shining from it. Note that there are several such openings in the cloud, but the one that takes you to the right place is the one on the right.
- You will land on a man, who will fall down. You bounce to another branch, which has an egg, but you will also drop from a tree and be carried back to the cloud level.
- When you are again on the cloud level, look for another opening that has light shining from it. The one the left is above the bird nest, and doesn't help now. The one on the right doesn't need to be used again. Go to the one that is around the tree.
- Now slide down to the roots through the opening.
- Now you are in the root part of the tree. Walk a little to the left and find the fruit that you made fall in a bird nest. Pick up the fruit.
- Walk all the way to the right and see the egg that you saw earlier, pick up the egg too.
- Use the opening in the tree trunk to climb back up.

- Leave the fruit tree and return to the right.
- Give the egg to the bird and you can get a golden egg in return by picking it up from the nest.
- Now your weight has increased because of the golden egg, so taking any steps off the paths will make you fall unless you are wearing the cloud shoes.
- Climb down and you will automatically pick up the ladder.
- Go to the right and back to the area that has the girl cleaning bird nests. In that area, keep moving forward until you reach the end of the path.
- There is a bird with a golden egg on a higher cloud. You can use the ladder to get there, but the bird will remove the ladder support and they will sink through the cloud.
- Use the big-sized cloud shoes with the ladder, and then then use the modified ladder with the bird nest. Pick up the golden egg.
- Return back to the central area.

- Walk to lower left to enter an area where a guru is staying.
- Put one golden egg into any of the bowls to get access to guru.
- Climb up the ladder and talk to guru about killing Mog Chothra, and when an golden egg appears, ask about it. The golden egg will fall down. End the conversation and climb down.
- Pick up the fallen golden egg from the path.
- Place the two golden eggs in you inventory into the two empty bowls. Climb on the ladder.
- The cloud will gain too much weight and will crash down, allowing you to access a new area on the surface.


- You will crash into a carpenter's house.
- Before going further, look at the painted glass window on the wall and a piece of it comes loose, pick up the glass.
- Talk to the carpenter about killing Mog Chothra and he will give a permission to get his axe. Go to the wall on the right and pick up the axe.
- There is an artwork above the fireplace. Try to pick it up, but you won't steal it. Talk to the carpenter about his art, especially about its artistic values. When you have an option to talk about his decor, choose that, and he will let you take the artwork, because he doesn't have a decor.
- Leave the house and go outside.

- First walk south to the path, where you have an option of going left or right. If you go left, you will encounter a snake that will attack you. If that happens, you can get rid of the snake by blowing the tuba. There's no need to go left for now, so go right instead.
- You will encounter a talking tree. You can have a conversation if you want (use the axe first), but for now, you can just pass through and keep walking to the right until you reach the town.

- When you reach Shellmound, first you can pick up driftwood that is lying on the beach near the seagulls.
- Then talk to the feast marshal who is standing next to a construction crane. Compliment his hat and you will get a bucket. You may also ask about entering the Maidens Feast, but you won't be accepted yet.
- Walk to the right and find two druids guarding the entrance to the Dead Eye God's temple. Talk to them about entering, and hear the Riddle of Yorn, which you need to solve before you are allowed to enter. Also ask about getting them more holy tear gas, and they will give you a weapon to be filled up.
- Leave the entrance and return to Shellmound shore.

- Use the empty weapon on the chum through which has a bunch of seagulls eating in it.
- Use the charged weapon on the two maidens nearby, and soon they will get attacked by seagulls.
- Take the perfume bottle that is next to the maiden on the left.
- Use the perfume on yourself.
- Go back to the feast marshal and enter yourself to the Maidens Feast.
- After that, return all the way to the carpenter's house.

- Gift the driftwood to the carpenter, and he will make you a stool.
- Leave the house and go back to the path with the talking tree.
- First use the axe on the tree to be able to talk to it.
- Put the bucket on the tree branch.
- Show the stool to the tree.
- Now the bucket is full of sap, so pick up the sap.
- Return to Shellmound.

- Give sap to the feast marshal.
- The Maidens Feast is ready to begin, but you still need a weapon, so go back to the Dead Eye God's temple.
- Give the fruit to the druid guards. If you don't have it for some reason, you need to go back to the carpenter's house, climb up to Meriloft and go to the fruit tree again. Once you have given the fruit, you can access the temple.
- In the temple, go to the right side of the room. There is an empty socket with a weird shape. Use the artwork on the socket.
- A man who has been cryopreserved for centuries appears. Talk to the man about weapons to kill Mog Chothra with.
- After the discussion, notice in the middle of the screen there are two coils that can be interacted with. Touch those, and you will pick up the top one and break the lower one.
- To get a makeshift weapon for the spaceship, put the coil in the lower socket, and use the glass you got from the carpenter's house in the top socket. You will get a remote control to fire the laser.

- Return to Shellmound and talk to feast marshal once more to start the Maidens Feast.
- Once started, use the remote control to fire the laser.
- First shoot the tentacles off one by one.
- When there is only one remaining, Mog Chothra will pick you up and bring close to its mouth. You need to find a way to open the mouth to shoot there.
- Use the ladder with the mouth. When the ladder forces the mouth open, use the laser to shoot in the mouth.
- A cutscene will follow and the game automatically continues with Shay's story.

Act 1 - Shay

- You are sleeping in bed.
- Click anywhere to wake up.
- Soon you are eating breakfast and can choose what to eat. Choose whatever you want, it will have no effect on the game.
- Pick up the spoon.
- Use the spoon with cereal.

- Soon you are put into emergency training. There are four scenarios to choose from: avalanche, runaway train, defending the ship, and foreign body on the hull. You can choose whatever you want in any order.
- What needs to be done is as follows. Avalanche: use the spoon to eat the ice cream to free the victims. Runaway train: click on the mountain to lower the tongue bridge. Defending the ship: just talk to the crew to get a hug. Foreign body on the hull: walk right and pull the plant, you will get a present.
- Opening the present will give a grabbing robot.
- You may need to do these missions for a short while, and have a sleep in between. As you may notice, doing these is repetitive and boring, which is exactly how Shay feels too. The goal is, therefore, to have something else entirely happening.
- When doing the runaway train mission, click twice on the mountain, first to extend the bridge and then retract it. The mission will fail. You will meet a strange wolf who gives you a weird little screwdriver and tells you to meet him secretly later.

- Click anywhere to leave the bed. Walk right.
- Pick up a tank of compressed air.
- Walk further to the right and see an air vent near the floor level.
- Use the screwdriver to open the vent.
- Pick up an inflatable raft of some kind.
- Use the compressed air with the raft to inflate it.
- The raft is actually a blowup doll of yourself. Go back to the bed and place the doll on the bed. Now you can wander anywhere undetected.

- Enter through the air vent and see a part of ship where you have never been before. You will have a talk with the wolf called Marek.
- After the conversation, you need to take a star chart to the navigation room.
- Go left and crawl through a hole in the wall.
- Give star chart to the Space Weaver and return to Marek.
- You need to perform a rescue mission. First lower the shields by pushing the blinking button. After that, you need to guide the boom arm to grab ahold of the rescued people. You also need to position the arm so that it can reach the people who are marked on the screen.
- After rescuing a couple of people, you need to retreat. A short conversation with Marek follows.
- Next, you will have another star chart. Take it to the Space Weaver like the one before. Return to Marek and you get to save more people just like you did before.

- Soon the ship will be under attack and you return to bed. After a short while you can explore again, so go back to Marek.
- Talk to Marek and learn what needs to be done in order to gain manual control of the ship.
- Return through the vent to the bedroom. Instead of going to the left, go through the door to the right.
- Keep on walking and enter the second door you will encounter, which will lead you to the kitchen.
- Pick up the knife that is in the front left corner and then exit back to the hallway.
- Walk right to the control room. There are two doors on the right, a green door and a blue door. Enter through the blue door.

- This is the hallway that leads to emergency training mission rooms. First enter the ice cream avalanche room.
- Pick up the whipped cream gun on the right side of the room, and then go back to the hallway.
- Go further right and enter the next door which leads to the hug room. Pick up a hook from the back of the hug toy. Go back to the hallway.
- Keep moving right and enter the door at the far right.
- Keep moving right and enter through the door that has a big, smiling moon.

- This is the airlock, keep moving through and you will automatically be suited for extra-vehicular activity.
- The goal here is to get to the cargo boom arms which are located on the other side.
- Use the compressed air on yourself to get an air supply without a hose.
- Now you can use the knife to cut the airhose.
- You still need a way to get to the other side, so use the whipped cream gun on yourself to get a space propulsion gun.
- Fly carefully to the other side of the radio mast where the boom arms are located.
- When you reach the boom arms manual control, use the knife to open the panel.
- Use the grabbing robot on the controls, a remote control will remain in the inventory.
- After that, make your way back to the airlock and return to the inside of the ship.

- Return to the hallway, and use the transporter, it is a door that has several triangle shapes on it.
- Now you are in the central teleporter room, or teleporter nexus.
- The ultimate goal here is to go through the middle teleporter to get to the fusion orb. You may try to go there, but you can't enter it just yet.
- Take the leftmost teleporter which leads to the junk room.
- Pick up the kid size hazard suit, to get a hazard suit and a helmet.
- You can't use the teleporter to go back, as that would cancel the head shrinking effect that is needed in a moment. There is nothing preventing using it, but you would need to recreate the side effects, so it is advisable to crawl through the hole on the right instead. You need to be going back to the teleporter room, which would be just one teleport jump from the junk room, but in order not to cancel the effect, a detour must be taken.
- Keep going right through Marek's bedroom, and then further right until you reach the air vent you used already before. After going through the vent, keep walking the hallway until you come back to the control room. In the control room, use the green door to get back to the teleporter room.

- In the teleporter room, use the yellow, middle teleporter.
- Keep walking left, and you will be automatically suited for the fusion orb facility. Something goes wrong, as you don't get a helmet.
- If you followed the path described before, your head has shrunken three times during the teleportations. You can take the baby helmet and use it on yourself, and it will fit now. You can't access through the force field without a helmet.
- When you reach the fusion orb, use the inhibitor on the fusion orb.
- Make your way back to the central teleporter room. You will automatically change clothes, and all the teleporter effects will be reset. After this, it is also safe to use any teleporter without any side effects.

- Go left, and in the control room, use the red door under the control area to enter the navigation room.
- Give star chart to Space Weaver, but he refuses it, because it is too dangerous. You can choose some safer destination.
- Study the star chart in your inventory. You must change the Space Weaver's navigation to match that in the star chart.
- Ask to go to Cozy Cluster. When the Space Weaver is doing his preparations, climb down to a lower level where the actual weaving happens.
- Use the hook to alter the existing pattern to match that in the star chart. In case you can't figure it out, add a mark to the leftmost hexagon in the top and bottom rows, and add one more mark in between the two existing ones in the middle row. If done successfully, the spaceship will make a jump there before Space Weaver notices the mistake.
- Crawl through the hole on the right to get back to Marek.
- You need to save people just like you did before. Something goes wrong, however, and the ship will crash land.
- A cutscene follows with a surprising revelation.

Act 2 walkthrough and helpful images will be added in the next update!