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Pilot Brothers walkthrough

Pilot Brothers walkthrough


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for Pilot Brothers.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.



You can switch between Brother Chief (grey clothes) and Brother Collegue (green clothes) during gameplay.
This walkthrough is based on the international version of the game, but should be applicable to the Russian version as well.


- Start playing as Chief and ring the doorbell.
- Pick up kettle-extinguisher that is on the outer wall of the ticket booth.
- Switch to Collegue and open the window.
- After the crow flies out of the window and on top of the gate, switch to Chief. Use kettle-extinguisher on barrel.
- An angry cat starts chasing the crow, which drops a shiny penny. Pick it up.
- Ring the doorbell and use the shiny penny on gate while the guard is on the other side.


- Walk to the piano, well-hidden in the bushes.
- The goal is to interact with the piano. Chief can play it, Collegue can turn pages of notes.
- Switch to Collegue, and assuming you haven't touched the notes before, turn pages twice. The goal is to get Chief playing cacophonic sounds (green page).
- As Collegue, go stand next to the lamp post which is right across the cat on the wall, and right under a sign which says elephant upside down.
- Switch to Chief and play the piano.
- Walk to the direction where the elephant sign points.


- As Chief, pick up watering can.
- Use watering can on the palm tree.
- Make sure you are standing right in front of the palm tree (if you can't find the right spot, try watering the tree and Chief should automatically go in the right place).
- Switch to Collegue and (try to) pick up bananas.
- Switch to Chief and pick up rake from the shed.
- Use rake on wild beasts' path.
- Switch to Collegue and pick up bananas.
- Switch to Chief and pick up pruning shears from the shed.
- Walk to the fountain and turn tap once, assuming you haven't touched it before. Tap controls the fountain, which has a low, medium, and high spray setting. You need to set it to medium, but so that it comes from low to medium.
- Switch to Collegue and use pruning shears on bananas.
- As Chief, turn tap once again.
- After Collegue falls to kangaroo's cage, go touch the kangaroo.


- As Chief, walk inside the hollow tree trunk.
- Switch to Collegue, and start chasing the monkey.
- The goal is to make it run past the tree where Chief is hiding.

The correct positions of Brothers to solve the puzzle.The correct positions of Brothers to solve the puzzle.


- As Collegue, try to cross the street to the other side.
- The car coming from the left turns to left in order to avoid hitting Collegue. The solution is the timing, Collegue needs to try to cross the street when there is a car coming from the right. The car coming from the left can't then take its normal route, but instead drives over a hatch cover, which comes loose.
- Go in the hatch.


- The goal is to cross the pipeline to the other side, and this is a timed puzzle.
- First, pass the brown rat when it's swinging nearest to the wall.
- The next two rats must be passed in one go. When the middle rat is swinging farthest from the wall is the right time to pass.
- When you are successfully on the other side, switch to another brother and repeat the same.

Right moment to pass the two rats.Right moment to pass the two rats.


- As Chief, open curtain.
- Pick up shaving-cream.
- Switch to Collegue, use shaving-cream on bathroom.
- Switch to Chief and use shaving-cream on dreadful monster.
- Pick up the key from the wall.
- Use switchboard on the fridge. The goal is to get all the latches to unlock, so that the door can open. There are 16 switches on the switchboard, and each turn of any switch will turn vertical positions to horizontal and vice versa on all switches which are in the same row and same column as the switch you turn, including the switch itself. When all switches under a latch are in horizontal position, the latch will move.
- Although it is possible to pass the puzzle using trial and error (or hit the skip button...), there is a method with which this puzzle is very easy to solve. Start from a switch that is the first row, first column (basically you could start anywhere, but this is the most logical place to start). Count how many switches are in vertical position in that row and column that your switch is in, count the switch itself too if it's vertical, but count it only once. If the number of vertical positions is an odd number (1, 3, 5, or 7) turn the switch. If it's an even number (0, 2, 4, or 6), don't turn it. Move to the next switch in the same row and do the same. When reaching the last switch of that row, go one row down and continue from the first switch of that row. Should you reach the very last switch on the very last row, start from the first one again. This method will unlock the latches in 16 turns or less, regardless of their starting positions.
- Use key to unlock the lock.
- Pull the handle.


- As Chief, pull the cable next to the TV set.
- Switch to Collegue and pick up the cable.
- Go to the balcony.
- Switch to Chief and go to the balcony.
- Open the drawer under the TV set.
- Pick up the tennis racket.
- Use tennis racket on mean insect twice.
- Go to the balcony.


- Switch to Collegue, and open window.
- Switch to Chief and hit the window.
- Pick up broken glass.
- Cut the cable with broken glass.
- Walk to the other window that is now accessible.


- As Chief, pick up soap bar from the washing stand.
- Turn the tap on the wall.
- Switch to Collegue and throw soap bar at cat.
- Switch to Chief and pick up plunger.
- Use the plunger on the toilet basin.
- Pull the chord (sic!).
- Pick up the plunger.
- Walk to the door and use plunger on exit (the door).


- As Collegue, open the switchboard.
- Switch to Chief and use the switchboard. The goal is to rewire the switchboard so that electricity flows through all nodes (or hit the skip button...). Touching something on the switchboard will turn it, with the exception of the red lever in the middle, which changes the connections around the lever.
- Use the elevator.

Correct positions for the switchboard.Correct positions for the switchboard.


- As Chief walk to a box with a gun inside to get a gun.
- Karbofoss's servant is upstairs and when you approach him, he throws boxes down. The goal is to use those boxes to form a stairway upstairs. If there's a box in a wrong place, shoot it with the gun and it disappears.
- When the stairs are complete (stacks of 1, 2, 3, and 4 boxes right next to each other), use them to climb up. Chief will automatically help Collegue up.

Boxes as stairs.Boxes as stairs.


- As Chief walk next to the tank with tap and stand there.
- Switch to Collegue and turn tap by standing on Chief.
- Switch to Chief and tie hose that has come apart near chimney.
- Pick up the ladder from the left.
- Use the ladder with balloon.
- Climb onto the ballon.
- Switch to Collegue and pick up scissors.
- Pick up green paint.
- Use green paint with a kilo of feathers (bird).
- Climb onto the ballon.
- Use scissors to cut the rope.


- The goal is to position the balloon so that the bird coming from the opposite direction will hit it and burst it.


- As Chief pick up the dropped stool.
- Use dropped stool with branch.
- Use stool to climb on the branch and then walk as far left as you can.
- Switch to Collegue and go stand in between to trees.
- Switch to Chief and using Collegue as a bridge walk over to the tree at the left.
- Go as far left as you can, and then try to help the unhappy servant in the tree.
- Switch to Collegue and pick up the flute that the proud bird drops.
- Use stool to climb on the branch and walk right next to the hollow.
- Play the flute by using the flute on hollow part of the tree. Note that you must be standing left from the hollow, standing right won't advance the puzzle.
- Search the hollow to find another flute.
- Switch to Chief and use unhappy servant to climb higher.
- Walk as far right as you can, over to the next tree and finally to the tree labeled as trunk.
- Far right is an item labeled "?", while standing on the trunk, pick it up. It's one more flute.
- Use all three flutes on trunk to build a ladder.
- Climb the ladder.
- Walk left and pick up yet another flute.
- Use yet another flute on elephant.